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Legal Video Services Setting the Standard in Legal Videography


Today’s successful legal professionals understand the importance of presenting information to a jury in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. The Video Precedent provides innovative services in video and new media that give legal professionals a competitive edge.

Our legal video services benefit you by increasing:

Efficiency. Eliminate unnecessary delays associated with cumulative evidence.

Accuracy. Capture the impact of your case by viewing actual people, places, and circumstances.

Clarity. Visually demonstrate the crucial points of your case in a format easily understood by jurors.

Empathy. Share the effects of an injury during a day in the life of your client, or visually take the jury to a scene of an accident.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.


Litigation Support

Sanction and Trial Director, Multimedia presentations, demonstrative aids (such as large-scale timelines and boards), custom software applications, and the technology needed to effectively present your case in mediation or trial is what our litigation support is all about.  Don’t waste your time or money.

Choose one of our litigation support specialists to win your case. The first time!

Deposition: One Camera

Why settle for the reading of a transcript? A one-camera deposition is an ideal method of bringing the exact message of any testimony directly to a jury. This service provides a visual display of appearance, emotion, body language, and tone of voice, allowing the jury to view and hear testimony highlighting potential contradictions and illustrating the witness’s credibility. The one-camera deposition focuses on important or complex testimony, and gives the jury a stronger, more effective presentation.

Deposition: Two Cameras

Does your deposition involve multiple speakers? If you are looking for a television interview-style deposition, our two-camera service will suit your needs. This format allows the jury to follow a deposition with more interest by easily visualizing each speaker through a split-screen design, or through editing to focus on each speaker. Either format will maintain the integrity of the video while presenting the testimony in a clear, concise fashion.


There is nothing more revealing than a visual demonstration attesting to the accuracy of a medical claim. Bring your client’s claim to life through the use of a recorded medical examination. This service allows the jury to see the results of an injury and will provide the legal professional the capability of accurately describing the pain and suffering. The IME can be used for mediation or trial as one of your most compelling pieces of evidence.

Day in the Life Documentary

To clearly illustrate the severity of injuries or the impact those injuries have on your client’s day-to-day life, we offer a Day in the Life Documentary service. Often juries do not appreciate the critical effect of such injuries and video brings the story to life where words do no justice. This service allows you to place the viewer in the client’s shoes by demonstrating how life’s simplest or most rewarding events have been changed forever. This television style documentary format is a very effective tool to impact the viewer.

Accident Scene Surveys

Freeze your accident scene in time. Our Accident Scene Survey illustrates the scene before obstructions were moved, signage was clarified, or improvements were made. Preserve the scene for the jury in a way that words could never describe.

Settlement Documentaries

You can now visually present the strength of your client’s case in settlement mediation. This service accurately demonstrates the severity or your client’s claim while keeping you in control. You may tell the story your way, highlight key issues, and prove your case early in the process. Settlement documentaries are an effective way to outline the issues of a case.

Property Videos

Impact the jury with actual visuals of the condition of property. Property video removes the confusion often associated with attempting to describe the uniqueness or intrinsic value of a cherished possession or an unsafe living condition and creates a true appreciation to a jury. This service allows you to illustrate encroachments, show eminent domain, reveal uninhabitable conditions, and demonstrate public use issues with ease and clarity.

Last Will and Testament

The video Will provides your client the unique opportunity to convey last wishes and gratitude by personally distributing assets to his or her loved ones. Your client is given the opportunity to express personal value of articles, and his or her last wishes in a personalized and honest manner. The video Will provides your client with peace-of-mind, as it is the truest representation of his or her intentions.

Editing Services

We provide professional digital video editing on any of the above services to meet your needs. We can also incorporate any existing media into your project. Need more than one copy of your media? We gladly offer a convenient duplication service upon request.


Gary Markman

Gary has a Bachelors Degree from York College of Pennsylvania and was a commissioned Officer in the United States Army Reserves. Gary has experience in multiple aspects of criminal justice and had a successful career in insurance related financial services before coming to work with The Video Precedent.

David Allen

David has a Bachelor of Science degree from Tennessee Technological University and has served in both the United States Army and Navy. He has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. Specializing in Courtroom Technology, he greatly complements the products and services offered by The Video Precedent.


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